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Wrinkle Skin Cream Fights Effects Of Sun And Age

As we grow older, natural skin protection diminishes and the outer layer of skin becomes thinner and dryer and wrinkles begin to form. Continual repetitive motions such as frowning, squinting, smiling, and so on cause damage to the facial tissue supporting the epidermis (or the outer visible layer of the skin). Given time, this damage deepens and the cells in some areas of the wrinkle slow down production of elastin and collagen, making it easier for the muscle to press the skin together. Cells in other areas build up and cause heavy sagging at the deepest part of the wrinkle.

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Using a quality wrinkle skin creams can help restore moisture and softness to your skin, but it takes more than applying skin cream to make the wrinkles disappear. An entire regimen of skin care, along with wrinkle skin cream, can help the skin regain and retain its youthful appearance.

Many of the wrinkle skin cream available today contains retinol, a vitamin A compound used as an antioxidant and applied topically to help restore vitamins to the skin. Antioxidants help remove free radicals, which have been associated with wrinkles. Tretinoin, another Vitamin A compound is a stronger version of over the counter retinol and is available only by prescription. It is not recommended for women who are candidates for pregnancy, as it has been known to increase the risks birth defects.

Hydrating Your Skin Is Good First Step To Stopping Wrinkles

To help prevent your skin from drying out, keeping it hydrated-moisturized takes more than using wrinkle skin cream. Drinking plenty of water to help provide moisture from the inside is highly recommended. Additionally, since much of the damage to skin is caused by exposure to the sun, limiting the time spent in the hot sun or in exposure to artificial ultraviolet rays will help protect tyour skin from showing signs of wrinkling which is an early aging process.

Wrinkle skin cream products containing hydroxy acids are used as exfoliants to remove the outer layer of dead skin, which can also make the skin appear dull and lifeless. They can also stimulate the growth of new skin however, the acids also make the skin more prone to sun damage. While using hydroxyl acid products, sunscreen should be used or exposure to the sun avoided.

Extracts of green tea are often found wrinkle skin care creams with green tea more widely used as an antioxidant, however black and oolong teas are also used in many products. Copper peptides is also found in many wrinkle skin creams as it helps speed the healing process any spurs action by the antioxidants.

Skin Care Facts

Other than hair loss products for men, wrinkle skin cream comprises one of the largest markets for cosmetics in the country. Whether prescription strength or over the counter, wrinkle skin cream helps fight off the effects on the skin of the sun and age, as well as other factors that can effect the condition of the skin.

For more about green tea skin care see: greenteauses.com/green-tea-cleansing-skin-care.html

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