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Studies Of Wrinkle Creams- A Cause for Doubt ?

When it comes to aging and wrinkling, people will do just about anything to avoid looking older.

From dying their hair, to having surgery performed, to investing in expensive wrinkle creams.

Do wrinkle cream really work?

Despite the many infomercials you might see with people raving about how a wrinkle cream made them look ten years younger than they actually are, lots of wrinkle cream studies challenge such claims. Before you purchase any wrinkle cream, especially one that is high-priced, it is important to read not only the promotional and informative literature that is supplied, but the wrinkle cream studies as well.

Wrinkle Creams and the Consumer Reports Test

Consumer Reports performed wrinkle cream studies In December of 2006, to determine which wrinkle cream works best. Their results might come as a surprise. NONE of the wrinkle creams tested showed results superior to plain sunscreen with moisturizer!

In their wrinkle cream studies, nine different wrinkle creams, ranging in price from $38 to over $330.00, were tested on at least 17 different women, all of them had light complexion skin and ranged in age from 30 to 70. For 12 weeks, each woman used a certain wrinkle cream on one side of her face, applying the cream according to the manufacturer’s instructions. On the other side of her face, each woman applied a generic moisturizer with sunscreen.

Prior to beginning the wrinkle cream studies, a photo was taken of the general crow’s feet area of each woman’s face. In addition, an optical device was used to determine minute changes in skin roughness and depth of wrinkles. These evaluations were repeated after the 12 weeks were over. These wrinkle cream studies determined that overall, there was only a slight improvement in wrinkles on each participant’s face when using the wrinkle creams, regardless of the active ingredient. In the end, however, the creams are designed to prevent wrinkles, not eliminate the ones that are already there.

The majority of dermatologists conclude from these wrinkle cream studies that sunscreen is more effective than wrinkle creams in preventing the development of wrinkles. This is because wrinkles occur as a consequence of ultraviolet light exposure. That’s why, the more time you spend in the sun, the more wrinkles you will have, regardless of the amount or quality of wrinkle creams you use.


While you could purchase an expensive wrinkle cream, the truth is that the most effective way to fight wrinkles is to wear sunscreen. By doing so, you will be preventing the damage that the sun does to your skin. So the next time you step outside on a sunny day, make sure to lather up! Coming soon check this site to see my article on making your own very effective sun screen and wrinkle improver with the power of vitamin C.



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