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Prescription Wrinkle Creams

Many people that believe that the over the counter wrinkle creams are not very effective. Most prescription wrinkle creams are more difficult to buy, and many people believe that the prescription anti wrinkle creams are hence more effective since you need to go through a medical professional.

These prescription wrinkle creams are usually more potent and should be used more carefully so you should consult with a doctor before purchase. There are several prescription anti wrinkle creams available and medical professionals will prescribe the one that is best for each persons skin type and medical condition. Some of the prescription anti wrinkle creams can be applied topically while others must be injected by a skilled person.

If you have given up on over the counter wrinkle creams helping to reduce your wrinkles but you don't want to have a face lift or other plastic surgery, then you need a prescription anti wrinkle cream. Make a visit to your doctor and get a prescription for one of the retinoids, Renova or Avage.

One downside is that both Renova and Avage can be irritating to the skin. The skin may become red, itchy and peeling for several weeks following the initial use. The irritation may clear up eventually but one can have a persistent dry skin problem as long as they are using the products and worsen as time goes by. The skin may become redder when exposed to sunlight.

How Renova and Avage Prescription Anti Wrinkle Creams Work

They're not exactly sure but doctors think they work by stimulating the growth of more collagen or new skin cells. In some clinical studies it's shown that the retinoids smooth out a few of the fine lines and wrinkles but don't get rid of them completely. They also don't affect frown lines or deep furrows. The prescription anti wrinkle creams are also supposed to help fade age spots and any blotchy pigmentation.

People that are looking for the fountain of youth or just a better appearance pay for the creams regardless of which strata of society they belong to. Many prescription anti wrinkle creams have become very popular as they are pretty effective in erasing the signs of aging. However, some prescription anti wrinkle creams can have unfavorable side effects if used in the sun so it is important that they are only used under the supervision of a dermatologist. Prescription anti wrinkle creams that contain vitamin A are most susceptible to such an adverse reaction.


Anti Wrinkle Injections

Another type of prescription anti wrinkle treatment must be injected into the skin in specific areas. This prescription anti wrinkle treatment is used to target wrinkles around the eyes and the forehead. This anti wrinkle treatment has been used widely in place of a surgical procedure for the same results. Many people do not want the pain and time consuming procedures of plastic surgery. Prescription anti wrinkle treatments provides effective products to remove or at least reduce the signs of aging. This is very important to some people living in a society that seems to revere youth rather than age.


Even if you feel you are the same age and have similar kind of wrinkles as a friend; never be tempted to ‘share’ her prescription. Just like you wouldn’t risk trying someone else’s medication for another condition; stay away from topical ointments as well. Your skin type or your other medical conditions may require that you be prescribed a different cream.

Cosmetic companies make millions of dollars every year with anti wrinkle creams that are sold in fine department stores and drug stores. These anti wrinkle creams are priced differently and have different ingredients, but these creams are supposed to produce the same results.

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