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Prescription Anti Wrinkle Creams Promise Better Results

Cosmetic companies make millions of dollars every year with anti wrinkle creams that are sold in fine department stores and drug stores. These anti wrinkle creams are priced differently and have different ingredients, but these creams are supposed to produce the same results.

People that are looking for the fountain of youth or just a better appearance pay for the creams regardless of which strata of society they belong to. There are some people that believe that the over the counter creams are not necessarily effective. There are some prescription anti wrinkle creams that are more difficult to buy, and many people believe that the prescription anti wrinkle creams are hence more effective since you need to go through a medical professional.

These prescription anti wrinkle creams are usually more potent and should be used more carefully so the consumer must consult with a doctor before purchase. There are several prescription anti wrinkle creams available and medical professionals will prescribe the one that is best for each persons skin type and medical condition. Some of the prescription anti wrinkle creams can be applied topically while others must be injected by a skilled person.

Many prescription anti wrinkle creams have become very popular as they are pretty effective in erasing the signs of aging. However, some prescription anti wrinkle creams can have unfavorable side effects if used in the sun so it is important that they are only used under the supervision of a dermatologist. Prescription anti wrinkle creams that contain vitamin A are most susceptible to such an adverse reaction.

Why Purchase Prescription Wrinkle Creams?

There are numerous wrinkle creams and lotions on the market today and they all profess to reduce wrinkles and prevent or reverse damage caused by the sun. These creams and lotions are sold in department stores, drugstores and on the internet. There are many cosmetic companies making their fortunes selling women anti aging over the counter wrinkle creams. The demands for these products are great and, therefore, cosmetic companies are trying to give options to women searching for that perfect product that will reverse the signs of aging.

Some of the research on these over the counter creams suggests that some do contain ingredients that may improve wrinkles. But many of the ingredients have not undergone any scientific research to prove their anti aging theories and most consumers do not read the fine print when the colorful, beautiful advertisements tell another story. Most women are searching for a face lift in a bottle and it cannot be found in the over the counter wrinkle creams. It has been proven, however, that prescription wrinkle creams can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The scientific research on the ingredients of the prescription wrinkle creams is conclusive in their findings that certain ingredients do reverse the signs of aging on a woman’s face.

Safe and Effective

Prescription wrinkle creams are regulated by the FDA and, therefore, considered safe and effective, which cannot be guaranteed by the non prescription wrinkle creams. The makers of the prescription wrinkle creams must adhere to a certain set of standards. The makers of over the counter wrinkle creams do not. The non prescription wrinkle creams do not have to undergo all of the vigorous testing for safety and effectiveness as the prescription wrinkle creams do. So, basically, all the guarantees that are advertised on the over the counter wrinkle creams are worthless.

The over the counter wrinkle creams contain a less concentration of active ingredients than the prescription wrinkle creams. Therefore, any results, if any, are short lived. Cost also has no relationship with these over the counter wrinkle creams. Just because a wrinkle cream costs over $60 does not mean it is any better than one which sells for half its price. Your best bet in selecting a wrinkle cream is making a visit to a dermatologist and asking for their professional advice. A dermatologist will recommend a prescription wrinkle cream and therefore, you can always come back to the doctor as to whether it was effective or not.


To Each His Own

Even if you feel you are the same age and have similar kind of wrinkles as a friend; never be tempted to ‘share’ her prescription. Just like you wouldn’t risk trying someone else’s medication for another condition; stay away from topical ointments as well. Your skin type or your other medical conditions may require that you be prescribed a different cream.


Another type of prescription anti wrinkle treatment must be injected into the skin in specific areas. This prescription anti wrinkle treatment is used to target wrinkles around the eyes and the forehead. This anti wrinkle treatment has been used widely in place of a surgical procedure for the same results. Many people do not want the pain and time consuming procedures of plastic surgery. Prescription anti wrinkle treatments provides effective products to remove or at least reduce the signs of aging. This is very important to some people living in a society that seems to revere youth rather than age.



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