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Plasma Wrinkle Treatment Skin Regeneration Technology

If you are unhappy with your skins appearance and have tried all of the over the counter creams, drugs and treatments for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and still can’t seem to reduce them one iota, you should look into the plasma wrinkle treatment. It’s fast, it’s easy and there’s little to no downtime.

Until recently, when you went to a dermatologist to receive an anti-wrinkle treatment, your doctor normally used a high energy treatment, such as lasers, that used light or radiofrequency to stimulate new skin cells to grow, which reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These high energy treatments were expensive and they irritated the skin so much that there was usually a long recovery time. Now, however, there exists a low energy plasma wrinkle treatment, which uses plasma to rejuvenate the skin. The best part is that there is little to no downtime. That means that you can have the procedure done and then be back to work in no time, looking younger than you have in years.

Plasma Wrinkle Treatment Facts

Plasma is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that relies on plasma, which is a state of matter in which electrons are stripped from atoms to form an ionized gas. Plasma skin regeneration (PSR) technology uses energy delivered from plasma rather than light or radiofrequency. Plasma is the fourth state of matter in which electrons are stripped from atoms to form an ionized gas. The plasma is emitted in a millisecond pulse to deliver energy to target tissue upon contact without reliance on skin chromophores.

The plasma device, is called Portrait PSR, delivers the pulses and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for both multiple low-energy treatments and for single, high-energy treatments, both to remove wrinkles and treat superficial skin lesions such as acne scarring.

The pursuit for the perfect anti-wrinkle skin treatment has been long, with a multitude of wrinkle-smoothening solutions vying for the customer’s attention. Plasma may be the new kid on the block, joining the likes of botox and other anti wrinkle skin solutions.

Multiple Treatments

Studies have shown that in order for the plasma wrinkle treatment to be effective, it is necessary to have more than one treatment. However, multiple plasma wrinkle treatments over a period of time still show more improvement, and patients experience less downtime, when compared to one high energy wrinkle treatment. With high energy treatments, the healing time was sometimes a week or more.

The first step in treatment is to assess the patient and determine the goals of treatment. Low-energy PSR1 treatments can normally be performed under local anesthesia with a topical agent. For mid-to-high energies, patients will require adjunctive oral anesthesia such as meperidine or a codeine derivative in addition to a topical agent. With plasma wrinkle treatments, there is little irritation since the procedure is broken down into several treatments instead of one long one.

Patients should be instructed to avoid sun exposure and apply a bland ointment to the face at frequent intervals after the procedure while the skin is healing. Lowenergy PSR1 treatments may cause only erythema for 2–3 days. High-energy treatments will cause erythema and a “dirty” look to the skin, which will resolve in 5–10 days as re-epithelialization occurs and the photodamaged epidermis sloughs off. It is important for patients not to manually pick at the peeling skin to avoid prolonged erythema or scarring.

Make An Appointment Today!

If you are curious as to what is involved with the plasma wrinkle treatment, or if you just have a few more questions, make an appointment with your dermatologist so that you two can discuss it. Ask as many questions as you can, such as how long is the healing time, what is required of you before and after the treatment, what the procedure consists of and anything else that you are curious about. The main question in your mind, however, should be how well the procedure works in getting rid of your pesky wrinkles. Well, studies have shown that participants who had the procedure completed reported a near 40% decrease in wrinkles and an almost 70% improvement in facial appearance. That’s great news for anyone who wants to look younger and better.


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