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Keep Skin Smooth And Soft With Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream Recipe

If you suffer from premature wrinkling of your skin then you may not be acceptable to chemical methods used to stop the trend. One natural anti wrinkle cream recipe uses the natural healing power of cucumbers to help in the anti wrinkle process while other natural products can be combined for natural skin toners to keep the skin tight as well as lotions to maintain the natural suppleness of the skin.

Your Own Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream Recipe

To make your own natural anti wrinkle cream you will need these ingredients.

1 medium size cucumber, one egg white, mayonnaise and olive oil.

Start by thoroughly washing and then slicing a cucumber in half. (do not peel). Next cube the cucumber and place into a blender. Add one egg white, two tablespoons of mayonnaise and one half cup of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil is preferred. Now blend in the blender until very smooth. Using this natural anti wrinkle cream recipe twice a day will help fight acne as well and help rid the face of age-related and sun-caused wrinkles.

Body Lotion Recipe

Start with the natural anti wrinkle cream recipe above. Combine one fourth cup of distilled water with one eighth teaspoon of plain borax. Mix the two together and set to the side. Heat one half cup of almond oil and one tablespoon of grated beeswax until the wax is nearly melted. Heat the borax and water mixture to almost boiling and add the essential oil fragrance of choice. Combine all mixtures together. This make about eight ounces of body lotion. Let cool. This lotion will help reduce rough skin and wrinkle formations.

Keep Skin Tight With Natural Toners

Mix four drops of essential oils with a half cup of pure water. Thoroughly wash face and allow to dry, then apply mixture to the skin to tone and soften. It also has the aroma of the oil that you use and lavender can help stimulate relaxation, which is especially useful at bedtime.

Many natural anti wrinkle cream recipes can be made using herbs known for their revitalizing properties and their ability to add collagen to the skin. For most, it is this lack of collagen that allows the skin to become dry and show wrinkles more readily. By using natural herbs to spark collagen production, the skin can be restored to its natural firmness.

You can also make a natural anti wrinkle cream recipe containing vitamin C, retinol and copper peptide. This combination can help provide the skin all it needs to remain moisturized and wrinkle free while helping to reverse the effects on aging. When using a natural anti wrinkle cream recipe it may take two weeks or more to realize the visible results, but continued use will provide continual benefits. Even though these recipes are natural it is always a good idea with any new cream either purchased or homemade to first place a small amount on your arm or hand to see if you have a reaction. Redness etc. before placing onto your face. Please check back often and see my other natural anti wrinkle cream recipes.


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